Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wall Texture

For the longest time now, I have been addicted to all things beautiful. I have been day dreaming about the day that I will have my own spa. When that happens, you will see these gorgeous design on the walls.

I got the pictures from the web. thank you for whom ever owns this shot.

World's Best Spa Designs

Below are inspirations to the spa that I wanted to have in the future. Let me share them with you, so we can all appreciate its beauty.

nail salon interior

Someday when I dont know where to put my money, I will invest in a nail salon, I can always have a foot spa and pedicure.

Comfort of clients and quality of service will be its mission.

spa interiors

Would love to have my own spa like this as well. Someday...

realizations of an alcoholoc

"When i think about what love has brought me, I remember the times that my only refuge is alcohol... It helps me forget about my pain and my misery. i forget about the person i have given the power to hurt me. experience has taught me to be wise and i keep with me one hard earned lesson amidst my druken stupor. giving too much of myself to somebody is almost the same as suicide"

Monday, June 11, 2007

Endless Love/Autumn in My Heart Main Theme-REASON

KISS - BECAUSE I'M A GIRL (Romance Drama) emotional clip

This is one of the nicest and romantic clips that i have seen.

The story begins with the scene of a photographer who was taking a picture for an automobile magazine. He accidentaly took a picture of a girl who was walking across right in front of his camera. She excused politely and went away. One day, the photographer went to a salon which by accident was the the place where the girl worked at. He left his bini in the salon by accident, leaving the girl a chance to come by his workplace to return it. So she came to his studio and returned his bini.

But before she left, he made her pose as a model. They found out that they shared a same passion. He was a professional photographer and she was a girl who dreamed to be a model. They became close and spent a lot of time together. He took a lot of pictures of her and published them. One day, an accident happened while she was trying to get something from a high rack in his studio. An unlid bottle of photographic product fell and spilled on her. She was immediately taken to a hospital. The chemical of the photographic product was so toxic, it damaged her eyes so bad that she was about to never be able to see again.

A miracle happened, after a while being taken care in the hospital, the doctors took off the bandages on her eyes. She opened her eyes and saw the photographer's co-worker holding a celebration cake with a candle on it. The co-worker took her to his studio, but he was not there to be found. She was so sad because she loved him so much, she thought that the photographer left her.

One day when she was working, the co-worker came over and showed her the magazine he published with her as the model. She remembered about the racing place where they went together before. She found him there sitting on a bench with a dog next to him and noticed that he was blind.

She stand there and suddenly cried realizing that he loved her so much that he let go the most important part of his life as a photographer and a biker for her, his eyes. She was so touched knowing that he actually gave her his eyes just so she could see again.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

child: what the feeling of being in love?

adult: its like going to a theme park and riding all the rides you want.

child: so it will make you dizzy and vomit?

adult: no its like going to a candy store and having to eat all the sweets that you want.

child: so it will make your tooth hurt?

adult: no, its like running so fast with nothing boggling your mind.

child: so it will bruise you and leave a scar once you trip or fall?

... funny how a child knows what adults usually ignore.