Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wall Texture

For the longest time now, I have been addicted to all things beautiful. I have been day dreaming about the day that I will have my own spa. When that happens, you will see these gorgeous design on the walls.

I got the pictures from the web. thank you for whom ever owns this shot.

World's Best Spa Designs

Below are inspirations to the spa that I wanted to have in the future. Let me share them with you, so we can all appreciate its beauty.

nail salon interior

Someday when I dont know where to put my money, I will invest in a nail salon, I can always have a foot spa and pedicure.

Comfort of clients and quality of service will be its mission.

spa interiors

Would love to have my own spa like this as well. Someday...

realizations of an alcoholoc

"When i think about what love has brought me, I remember the times that my only refuge is alcohol... It helps me forget about my pain and my misery. i forget about the person i have given the power to hurt me. experience has taught me to be wise and i keep with me one hard earned lesson amidst my druken stupor. giving too much of myself to somebody is almost the same as suicide"