Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thai food

When you say Asian food, the best description is Thai food. It's blend for sweet, spicy, sour and the use of herbs and spices makes the term tasty.
I have tried a lot of Thai restaurants in different cities in the world but the flavors are still the same. The use mint, lemongrass, Ginger, Thai fish sauce are definitely the giveaway ingredients. My recent dine in a Thai restaurant makes me want to learn thai culinary even more.
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Chilled Taho

Today, I got to try Soy Yummy's Chilled Taho in SM Marikina.

They only have regular cup sold at P25.

I prefer cold taho over the warm ones, which are sold in every community. I can taste the sweetness of the caramel more and besides who likes eating something warm in a hot weather like ours.

Chilled taho in, Earlybird setting

I'm including Taho making in my to-do list, after all this is a potential great dessert.

Room Spring Clean

Today, I started doing a major project I never thought will take place anytime soon. Actually, its been long over due. I have been keeping on hold to cleaning my room.

My room is a SUPERSTORE. you can find everything that is found in the mall. There's so many things old and new, used and broken, sealed and never used things. My goal in cleaning my room is to dispose the unwanted, keep the unnecessary stuff in boxes, organize my books and magazines.

There's so much work to do. Tomorrow is another day to tidy up.