Thursday, November 22, 2012

Toast Box Breakfast

When in Singapore, my trip is never complete if I dont eat in one of those kopi tiam (coffeeshop) and my favorite meal is their Kaya Toast and Tea. Luckily, Toast Box (a Singaporean brand) is here in Manila and I can enjoy this singaporean breakfast staple anytime.

Kaya Toast is a toasted bread with Kaya spread and butter. Kaya is a thick spread which is made with coconut, sugar with pandan flavor.

I prefer my eggs soft, LOL! that's 2 mins in boiling water. Dont worry about Salmonela, water temperature is more than 100C. And it will give you this runny egg texture. Add pepper and soy to taste. 

How to eat this meal? Dip your kaya toast in the egg and take a bite. The taste is unbelievably yummy, its sweet, salty, crispy, soft. Thats a lot of flavor and texture in every bite.

I am not a coffee drinker, lets say I prefer tea over coffee. Toast box here in the Philippines doesn't show how they brew their tea or tea-pulling, the visual art of brewing tea, which was usually done in Singapore kopi tiams. Despite the lack of the visual tea/coffee technique, they're tea with condensed milk still tastes great. 

Kaya Toast + Soft Boiled Egg + Teh = Perfect breakfast food.