Saturday, June 18, 2005


Jun 17 2005 is Sheila's wedding. Infact, i just got home from the wedding pary at Shangrila Hotel. It was one exhausting night. i woke up at 8am, use the internet to check mails then went to the gym to get my body weight composition (that will be in another blog entry). Went to Shopwise and did my weekly grocery and did other errands.

This is a much awaited wedding. im glad it was very successful. All of us did a lot of our part for this wedding, from the bridal shower party to burning music that will be used for the wedding video to helping eachother pick out what to wear. we were stressed like the bride making sure everything will be great, after all we are like Sheila's family. Sheila's thank you toast suprised us, she had done a lot of thank yous than anyone that i know but most of all, I was touched with her sincerity in thanking her sister. Ive never seen much love being in those words that uttered her mouth... "Thank you ate Dang" was the phrase she used and to me everything she wanted to say to her sister was incorporated in that phrase.

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