Sunday, July 17, 2005

God's Field

In a dream, GOD told me, that I could pick up
a man I like from his fields.But I have to
choose only one. Once na nakapili na ako, I have
to raise my hand and say I finally found him,
then go back to GOD for praise. But, he has this
condition, na I could never turn back. Once
nalampasan ko, I should move forward. Sabi ko,
GOD won't give me rotten crops of men. i have
been a good daughter and I deserve to be with a
good man.

So my journey begin, as I went through the
field, nakita ko ang ibat ibang klase ng lalake.
Some were tempting me to pick them up. Pero sabi
ko, baka may mas gwapo, mas mabait, mas
matalino, mas masipag, mas mahal ako sa dulo ng
field na ito. I let go. Once. Twice. Believing
that in the end of the field is my prince,
waiting for me.

Then I saw a man. He sees me while I was
there picking up crops in GODS field. He looked
at me straight eye. And I don't know why, pero
there is something in him that I longed for.
Pero di pwede. I have to make it to the end of
the field. I have to see the right prince. If
habang lumalayo ako, nakakakita ako ng ganitong
klase ng lalake, baka in the other end may mas
hihigit pa sa kanya.

Until, I reached the end of the field. GOD
asked me "Di ba napakakulit mo, araw araw
nagdadasal ka na magkaroon ng partner in life,
but ngayon bakit wala kang dala. My crops are
all fresh and good. There is none there na di
maganda. All for the picking."

I answered. "I thought I would see someone at
the end of your crops, my LORD, wala na pala.
Each steps to perfection na hinahanap ko is a
step to nothingness. I have met someone in my
path but I did let him go. Believeing na there
is someone better, at the end of your field.

God said, Im sorry my child, but you have to
face reality. I have given you enough time to
choose. Face these consequences.

Then I said, "I'm sorry that I wasn't brave
enough to raise my hand in the middle of the
field and commit myself to someone. I was not
ready to face the challanges of life with
someone I thought was of lesser value than me..

I'm sorry.

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