Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun Food Meet at Figaro Coffee

I was invited by my friend, who works for Figaro as an R&D chef to try their new dishes that came out recently in some of their corporate stores. 
I was excited because of two things, first, I'll get to try their new creations and second, I'll get to interact with other bloggers and Instagrammers.

The event started at around 230pm, with a handful of social media addicts present, taking pictures away, as plates of food were ushered on the table in front of us. Ms. Joan, and Mr. Mark from Figaro's marketing group introduced Figaro, their milestones and their concept behind the new food creations. 

Good thing, my lunch at another new restaurant wasn't that grand to even remember, I have so much space on my stomach to place all these food. LOL

Food tasting, started off with their Buon Lite Meal, Buon meaning good. So they're saying its lite on your tummy but still yummy.

Basil Penne Insalata, P150
This dish is served cold, pasta is covered in basil pesto dressing topped with sliced olives, crumbled feta cheese, ham and sun dried tomato. All the ingredients on this plate compliments each other. Its a great appetizer.

Tilapia en Papillote, P239

I am amazed with this entre, it was well-thought-of. Food pairing - fish and pasta is a good combination, not to mention the serving portion. The fish was cooked well, there's no fishy taste because of the lemon, capers and herbs that were used to cook it with. Pasta was al dente, choose your pasta to go along with the fish. You can choose with a variety of sauces available in store. 

Tilapia exposed

If you love interacting with food, then this will not fail you. This dish will come to you smoking hot, literally, steam coming out of the 'fish in parchment'. The parchment has a small opening, just tear it open and enjoy the yummy tilapia.

The third dish offered to us is a Filipino classic, Pancit Luglug.
Figaro's Pancit Luglog, P155

I have tried so many Pancit Luglog but this is one of the best I've eaten. The sauce was creamy and delicious, spritz of calamansi will balance it. Shrimp, sliced eggs and chicharon bits makes this ordinary dish, extraordinary.
For an additional of P15, The Pancit Luglog can turn into a meal, choose from Lemonade, Ice Tea or Ice Coffee in a 12oz cup and a slice of mango caramel.

Figaro also launched two cakes that day, The Blue Velvet Cake and Tablea Blackout Cake. 
The Cakes
I personally don't like purple in food, like ube (purple yam), their blue velvet cake somehow looks purple from a far. Probably with lightening around the mall, has changed its color (LOL). 

Blue Velvet Cake

But despite its color, I tried it anyway, and boy, was I wrong! This cake is good, the blueberry cream cheese frosting gave contrast to the moist blue sponge. This is best paired with tea or coffee. 
Blue Velvet Cake, interior

The other cake that was presented to us is the Tablea Blackout Cake. This is another personal favorite because of the use tablea in their cake. I love tablea because of the deeper chocolate taste which was so evident on this cake. 
Tablea Blackout Cake

 Figaro also introduced their new coffee, inspired from the coffee making technique in Vietnam, called Kape Indochine. Using Figaro's barako coffee, they brew their coffee Vietnamese style and serve it with condensed milk.
Kape Indochine (hot)
Iced Kape Indochine

And of course, the day wont end without a group picture. 
Figaro Marketing Group with social media experts

You may try all these fantastic dishes at all Figaro Stores in Metro Manila and soon nationwide. You may also visit Figaro's website at Find them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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