Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday Cupcakes

While I was in Singapore for a holiday, I received a twiiter message from a friend, asking me to do his birthday cupcakes with Angry Birds theme. How can I refuse  since its an opportunity for me to do something really adorable.

I first heard of Angry Birds last year (2010) when my brother was playing the free version on his iPod. It was a game of strategy, it was difficult killing those pigs. hahaha...

I made chocolate cupcakes, frosted it with buttercream, added a few drops of green food color to make it the color of the grass and handmade the Angry Birds characters in fondant.

the pigs

Happy Birthday cupcakes

Red Angry Bird on cupcake

1 comment:

rOckY said...

These are ADORABLE!

Especially the pigs, hehe