Monday, July 04, 2011

Lau Pa Sat - Satay Fair

, traEvery time I go to Singapore, I always go to Lau Pa Sat market on Boon Tat road for the tastiest satay in town. Starting at 6 every evening, they close the road and set up tables, chairs and their food stalls where diners can order satay and other singaporean dishes like stingray, chili crabs, chicken wings, noodles, fried rice at affordable prices. You can order the satay in pork, beef, mutton and shrimp and accompanied by peanut sauce and side dish, which is usually cut vegetables and rice cake.

Sellers are very attentive and competitive, they approach you and show you to your table and give you a menu. You can order satay bbq in 25, 40, 60, 80 pcs of your choice of meat. Aside from satay, there are other vendors that go around to sell other singaporean dishes, beer and wet towels.

This place is usually full, you see alot of tourists and office workers eat here after their work. Its good  to come here early or after 8pm so you can find a table. Just tell the cab driver to bring you to Lau Pa Sat and he knows where to take you. After eating here, you can stroll to Fullerton or Esplanade, this place is several blocks away them.

We always order Satay here, winner of Best Satay 2 years in a row

satay stall

Full street

steam vegetable with oyster sauce and garlic

Chicken wings


Dry Noodles

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