Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coconut Water

I've always liked the song Da Coconut Nut by Smokey Mountain, aside from its catchy tropical sound, it tells a story about the magical fruit called Coconut. Why magical? Because you can use all parts of it, from roots to fruit. You can get wood from its trunk, roof and shade from its leaves, and the food from its fruit. Amazing huh?

Coconut water coming from the fruit is very healthy. Since we are not getting any younger, I have converted myself to eating and drinking healthy food. I drink about 6 coconuts every week, I get them from the coconut man who sells them outside the subdivision. I usually get the young coconut - or malauhog in coconut man's term because its naturally sweet.

Coconut and the coconut man

Coconut water is this good - Its high in potassium, full of electrolytes, free of fat and cholesterol and low in salt. This is way better than any sports drink. 

I am committed to living healthy, I hope you do the same.

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