Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baking and Blogging

I have some friends who told me that I should write my own food blog, since I like to share recipes with them. Unfortunately, I dont have the strength to do it, I guess its because I like procrastinating on things. hehe, maybe not procrastinate exactly, its just that its on the lower left or quadrant IV of Covey's quadrant which is not important and not urgent. Hence, the delay. But since I need a creative outlet, I might as well start on two things that interests me, but will also blog soon everything on the list on my profile.

As I type my entry today, I am baking a birthday cake for a 5 year old girl, entry on that cake will follow. I have set the mood - listening to Eat, Pray, Love soundtrack, drinking mango-banana shake, sunny weather. Hearing the kitchen aid beating flour, eggs and sugar. Its the perfect environment to blog and bake.

Im loving it!

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