Saturday, February 12, 2011 and Me

One of ipod touch's application that I like is Its ability to take pictures, choose a filter to change its look and feel and share it with friends in twitter, facebook and tumblr, makes it an ideal application to share with friends your creative point of view. My personal favorite filters are Earlybird, Sutro and X-Pro II. I like the aged look in pictures which I find more beautiful.

 This is my first picture using

 Peanutbutter and Bananas toasted sandwhich, which I ate for breakfast.
Filter: Earlybird

 TUMS in filter picture

Royce Chocolate in 

Yours trully in Picture taken during Christmas party.

Clear day taken with

Honey Calamansi with Aloe Bits drink taken using 

Dove soap bars in

I have forgotten which filters I used for the pictures. I will try to remember next time when I filter my shots.

I heart

*All shots are taken using my ipod touch. kindly ask for permission if you will use any of them. thank you.

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