Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had my first Dove experience when I was 15, there's this slippery feeling, and the constant rinsing doesnt help it go away. I didnt know what moisturize means and what it does.

Now, Ive been using Dove soap since 2004. My doctor has recommended this to me since I get skin asthma from time to time. Its packaging, soap color and smell, reminds me of summer. The shape of the soap slides through the skin with ease.

What I like about Dove is the 1/4 moisturing cream that makes my skin smooth after every use. It is also found in other Dove products like creams and body wash.  Check Dove website here for other products. My favorite body wash is Energize - Grapefruit and lemongrass scent, in yellow contour bottle. I have to buy one when I go to HongKong or Singapore. I cant find them here in the Philippines or maybe there is here but pricey compared to the ones found overseas.

Dove soap taken using 

  This is my favorite scent

Last year, Dove has launched Dove Men+Care line, I was excitd to try because its a soap made for men. Though I havent tried its bar soap, I was able to try their deo. Im not a fan of the new product though, I will still use m my old deo. Im excited to try the soap bar soon. Maybe after I finish the 10 bars in stock.

Dove soap will always remind me to feel good. 

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